Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday's grub

O.k. before I post what I had to eat yesterday, let me tell you about my day. Understand I am not making excuses, I just want to give you some insight into my day. Also I want to let people know I am still working on my eating issues. It started snowing Tuesday & it snowed & snowed & snowed. Then it started to rain, freezing rain mind you. This was probably a little after midnight on wed. morning so wed, I woke up to frozen snow. So basically my whole town shut down, all schools & most business'. I work at an oxygen company. Our patients rely on their oxygen so we will very rarely close down but I figured today might be one of those days. My mother in law was off so she kept my son, thank god I didn't have to take him out, & off I went to work. Luckily I live less than a quarter of a mile from work had it not been a ice rink outside & still sleeting out I would have walked. When I walked in my area manager announced that when our county reached a level 3 snow emergency we were closing down & going home. We were at that time a level 2. I was thinking good because I didn't have anything for lunch anyway( I usually keep lean cuisines in the fridge). The sleeting finally stopped then comes the snow, more snow. So now we have snow, ice, snow. It was snowing pretty freaking hard too but they never upgraded us to a level 3 snow emergency. So my boss announced since we were stuck having to work we were getting Bob Evans & letting our company pick up the tab. I know I could have made a much better choice than what I did but I could have done worse. So this is what my food intake looks like for yesterday:
Breakfast: nothing
this is something I need to work on. Me & my coworker were taking turns buying bread for toast or bagels but haven't in a while but I know I need to make sure I have breakfast.
Lunch:Bob Evans bob-b-q sandwich( not the knife & fork one) 655 cals 30 fat grams
side salad 137 calories 4 fat grams
lite ranch dressing104 calories 10 fat grams
supper: vegetable soup( my mother in law made) 465 calories 17 fat grams from hamburger
this is a guess could be less , I know it is not more
4 town house crackers for soup 80 calories 4.5 fat grams

total for yesterday:1441 calories 65.5

So I know I need to lessen my intake & also make healthier choices. I am going to work on that.


  1. Yeah! You did it. You counted what you ate! It's ok that you don't succeed every day. Life has bumps. We just need to be successful more and more often. You are aware of what you are eating. It looks like you count calories. Do you have a daily calorie goal? You know what you need to work on. You are doing great...keep it up!

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