Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3

I am on day 3 of what is officially supposed to be the start of my new lifestyle & so far it hasn't been so great. I did get up & walk this morning but I cannot seem to control my eating. What's funny is before I eat something I think in my head how I shouldn't but I do it anyway. I guess it really is like the cartoons with the devil on one shoulder & the angel on the other but as of right now my devil is kicking my angel's ass. I really need to turn that around. I am going to be starting a few challenges coming up so I am sure that will help. For some reason I have always done better in challenges, it's like if I have someone else to report to I will make myself do better. Especially if I have a partner, I fear letting people down. Maybe I need to work on not letting myself down as well.

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