Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And so it begins...

This is the last day of 2008 & hopefully the next to the last day of the old me. Why the next to the last day you ask? Well for starters any time I try to start something on Jan.1st it fails so I figure I will try starting my new way of life on the 2nd. Also we are having sausage & sauerkraut tomorrow. So here is a little about me & my struggle with weight. Like so many other overweight people I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I would lose weight only to quickly gain it back. In 1996 I went from 180 to 140 I also started dating my first serious boyfriend, in Jan of 1997, I was 18. Of course during the course of our relationship I got comfortable & started putting the weight back on. I also learned that who I was on the inside didn't matter enough to him, he started cheating on me & we broke up in Dec of 2001. When we broke up I weighed 209 lbs. Over the course of our relationship we had been engaged the first time we were supposed to get married was may of 2000 & he called it off saying he wasn't ready but we continued to date & then we set another date Feb 2002 & of course we broke up before that. He also let me know throughout the relationship that he wasn't really attracted to me anymore because I was putting on the weight, wasn't putting on make-up, fixing my hair like I used to, etc. Oh I should also mention I have battled depression since I was 16. O.k. so the whole time we were broke up I was miserable because I wanted him back so much. Well we started dating again in Dec 2003 I had just started losing weight again I was down to 180 when we started dating & again after we started dating I got comfortable & put it back on. These went right back to the way they were before we broke up the first time. Needless to say we only lasted until July of 04. When we broke up I was back up to 195. I didn't waste any time this time though. I hit the weight loss with all my might. I did it with my best friend & by may of 2005 I was 140 lbs & wearing size 8's. Well it didn't last long. My friend Chad got out of the Army & moved home & we started dating. We got engaged that following January & set the date for Sept 30,2006. In July of that year I found out I was pregnant. I weighed 170 when I found out I was pregnant I was up to 200 by my wedding day & when I delivered my son On March 30th 2007 I weighed 285 lbs. I gained 115 lbs during my pregnancy! So here I am almost 2 years later & I still don't have it all off. I swore I would have it off by his 1st birthday, well that came & went, than I said my 30th birthday, well that didn't happen. Now I am just sick of not doing anything about it. That is why I am starting this blog. I am hoping to hold myself accountable. As I am sure you can tell I am not a great writer but I am hoping if I post my weekly weigh- in's for all the world to see. It will make me take action! So my first weigh in will be Friday night. Happy New Years!


  1. Hi AmandaLynn. Welcome to the diet blog world. If I can offer you a few pieces of advice in order to make it to the end of your path this time it would be to:

    1. take each day as they come and focus solely on just that day - eventually you will find that all of the todays add up and you've really achieved something

    2. do not beat yourself up for slipping - you WILL slip - just always pick yourself back up again and never, ever quit

    I'm someone that was always a failure at this diet thing and has now stunningly found the ability to succeed and these are perhaps some of the most valuable things I have learned.

  2. Thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate it. I hope this is my time to succeed as well & I really appreciate all the good advice & feedback I can get.